I suppose I’m just an average person.

But like everyone else, I seek to be not so average.

I’m an aspiring writer. I delight in telling stories and painting pictures through my pen. I love all things black and white (and all things yellow). I need a budget for book spending, because vintage hardbacks are a weakness of mine. Orange zest is my latest cooking revelation…I’m completely obsessed.

I like to think of life as a compilation of seasons that mark our passing from old chapters into new ones. I hate how easy it is to let life pass us by. So I’m fighting to live seasonally, to savor every chapter—even the bitterest of winter, because it’s often the toughest seasons that grow us the most.

Join me as I seek to savor the seasons and all the days in-between!


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  • Chris Zill says:


    I am so impressed with your blog. Cathy sent me the website this morning and I spent my lunch hour reading your blogs. I had no idea how gifted you were. It was really enjoyable reading them. You are doing a great job and will make a great writer. Keep moving forward with your dream because you will do great.

    Love ya, Chris.

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